What is

Simply put, it is a simple, easy, and beautiful way to start and keep your life story and other relatives' life stories.

How is different?

One thing we realized when using other applications, and is largely the reason we decided to begin making this company, is that although some of them do a pretty good job of fulfilling many of the basic functions of recording life stories, they typically lacked a few things.

  1. They weren't intuitive enough. The software should be easy enough for anyone to use it. We have our methodologies of making this happen with the Talefire design.
  2. They were not simple enough. Tools which help save time were not really there. Part of the simplicity you will see in Talefire will come most especially from automation.
  3. Almost no integrations. Going along with automation, the potential to integrate parts of your life that are already being recorded through social media and other sources, was a huge thing that we noticed was missing.
  4. Limited import options. Many people have already been keeping a part of their life story, autobiography or journal either for themselves or for someone else. So why can't they import that info, instead of having to manually go back and enter it in. Although, not all methods are importable, there should be more methods than just for images.

Great! When can I use it?

Currently, the mobile and web apps are in development, and we are planning on having it released for testing by a beta test group in the early fall of 2018, with the full release coming sometime in the beginning of 2019. However, if you follow the link for the survey above, you can sign up to be part of the beta test group, or just to receive updates, so that you can know when it is available to the public.